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The company Pastificio Sa Panada produces and sells a typical Sardinian product of millenary origin and delicious taste: Panadas.


Panada is a pie stuffed with raw ingredients that cook with the steam generated during baking.


This specialty keeps unaltered the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics that make Panadas a complete, healthy and nutritious food.

The company has a dynamic and innovative production structure, able to maintain solid bonds with tradition and craftsmanship of a product ready to be known beyond the regional boundaries thanks to the organised trade network.

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Laura Achenza was born 9 October 1966 in Oschiri, a small village in northern Sardinia rich in history and culinary traditions. The typical product of Oschiri is "Sa Panada", a pie stuffed with raw pork pulp that cooks inside the pie with the steam generated during baking. Panadas are an healthy food, always prepared at home for festivities and weddings, or as gifts to relatives, friends, or anyone visiting Oschiri.

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The success of our products comes from quality

Pastificio Sa Panada keeps alive the tradition of a typical Sardinian product: Panadas.
The company follows high quality standards, is oriented towards the continuous improvement on production of typically handicraft products, and with a view to continuous innovation of production processes it's able to reach high production level.
Panadas are a healthy, nutritious and tasty product. Chosen by adults, for the easy way of preparation, as well chosen by children, for the delicious taste.

Panadas are recommended for the Mediterranean diet and are the main food of the Sardinian ultracentenary diet.

Genuine and locally sourced ingredients cook in the bundle of pasta with the steam generated during baking. The friability of the pasta and the scent of freshly baked product will make the Panadas your new favorite meal.

Pastificio Sa Panada s.r.l.

+39 079 73 41 47

P.IVA: 01791630906


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